UZES VELO CLUB is a cycling club affiliated to the French Cycling Federation. Its purpose is to invite cycling fans of all ages and capabilities to explore our beautiful region, for road cycling and mountain biking. Whatever your age: our youngest cyclists are 7 years old, our eldest 10 times this age, whether on roads or dirt tracks, our Uzège region is a cyclist’s paradise, with something for everyone.
Wherever you are from, we encourage you to come and cycle with us. Our members will be very pleased to welcome you and give you an insight into our beautiful region.

Uzès Vélo Club organises guided rides throughout the week. The meeting point is at the Esplanade, near the Post Office.

Rides take place Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are for experienced cyclists, with rides ranging from 75 to 120 km.

Saturdays are more suitable for the general public, from beginners to experienced cyclists who like to «  spin the legs  ». Rides are 50 to 80 km.

We have two groups on Sundays, one for fit riders, at a high pace, and the other at a more relaxed pace, like Tuesdays and Thursday rides.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays at 13  :00

Sundays at 08  :30 and 09  :00.

Tuesdays and Thursday  at 08  :00, 08  :30, or 09  :00*

Sundays at 08  :00 or 08  :30*

* see Club website chat for more information
During Summer, we offer various day rides beyond the Uzège Region  : The Cévennes (Mont Aigoual, Mont Lozère,…), Mont Ventoux, Alpilles, Rhône Valley,…

Domestic and international tourists are most welcome during these cessions. This is a great opportunity to visit our beautiful region while giving yourself over to the joy of your favourite sport, supervised by one of our road captains. It is compulsory to have a licence or be covered by a specific insurance policy. Daily licences are available for 1 €.

Uzès Vélo Club has a great Mountain Bike section.

One «  sporty  » ride is organised every Sunday morning (GPS indication is available on our website).

A «  discovery  » ride takes place every Saturday afternoon, for trained people willing to ride in a relaxed atmosphere.

We have 12 marked FFC (French Cycling Federation) circuits. GPS indications are available on our website, and circuit maps are available for sale at the Tourist Office (Place Albert 1er, Uzès).

These circuits cover the full range of tracks, landscapes, and difficulties available in the Uzège Region. Distances vary from 7km (circuit 11) to 41km (circuit 4).

Green and Blue tracks are suitable for everybody, Red and Black tracks are more selective.

Tracks 1,2,3  start from the car park of the Uzès Refuge Stadium,

Tracks 4,5,6 start from the Tourist Office (Uzès town center),

Tracks 7,8,9 start from St Quentin La Poterie market square,

Tracks 10,11,12 start from St Siffret stadium.
Our recommendations for safe and enjoyable mountain bike ride  :

 Ride only on marked tracks, in the right direction,
 Do not overestimate your skills and always control your speed,
 Be cautious and polite when overtaking or passing by walkers, as pedestrians have priority under all circumstances,
 Check the general condition of your bike, bring a repair kit with and some food and drinks,
 Inform your friends/relatives of your track if you ride on your own,
 Wearing a helmet is strongly advised,
 No fires allowed,
 Respect private and cultivated areas,
 Beware of farm and forest machinery,
 Close the gates,
 Do not take flowers, fruits, mushrooms,
 Do not disturb wildlife and cattle,
 Take your garbage with you, be quiet and respectful of the environment,
 Check your insurance policy coverage, a daily licence is available at the Uzes Vélo Club (email).
UZES VELO CLUB- chez Denis Orivelle -chemin Ségaras-30700- Montaren-06 27 81 35 23- –association loi 1901 déclarée en préfecture du Gard le 16.12.92 sous le n°1-12635 – affilié FFC –  Siret n°44793972900011